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Here is just a sampling of the amazing results being experienced by patients at The Piro Clinic.

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Janice Lattuca
I was suffering from chronic sinusitis & had been prescribed antibiotics anywhere from 3-4 times a year, over an 8-10 year time. During that time I was also on – CLARITIN, FLONASE, PRILOSEC, BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE & EXTRA STRENGTH EXCEDERIN- TWICE DAILY FOR MIGRAINES! Doctors told me there was nothing further they could give me for my sinus infections as they had become ineffective. I had only one choice remaining. Reluctantly I agreed to sinus surgery knowing that it may not be a cure. I had the surgery in March 08. By July 08 the infection returned with a vengeance. My daughter suggested I see Dr. Piro. I set up an appointment & while suffering another infection I awaited the test results. Dr. Piro took the time to explain everything in detail. It is now November 08 and I am officially OFF antibiotics & no recurring infection – OFF Claritin & Flonase, OFF Prilosec & OFF Excedrin. I now have more energy, eat better, sleep better & have an overall improved quality of life. A huge thank you to Dr. Piro – for caring, for her help, her advice & her counseling. I will continue to refer friends and family to her. Thank you!


Dina Sachs
After 2 miscarriages within the past two years, I felt fatigued for several months and was determined to get to the root of the issue because I am a high energy person. After consulting with fertility specialists and listening to "try select drugs, then IVF and possibly blood thinners to help blood flow so that my body would not reject the fetus," I decided to give drugs two tries. I felt horrible and my body felt sick overall. After prayers and keeping a positive attitude, many people thought I was in denial. I knew the answer was around the corner. My sister-in-law encouraged me to contact Dr. Janice Piro, who was highly recommended as "the" best doctor.

During my consultation with Dr. Piro, she suggested we work together to get my body prepared to hold a pregnancy, so I agreed. The was addressed through a few lab tests, a natural live detox, and overall natural medicine approach to get my body back into balance. After 3 months, we tried to conceive and it worked the first time around!Today I am 6 months pregnant and feeling great at age 41. Dr. Piro works to get to the "root of the issue" and get the body back into balance the way nature intended. Thank you Dr. Piro! You're the best!


Michelle Malott
I believed I was without hope when I met Dr. Piro in December 2004. I had been suffering extremely painful symptoms from Ulcerative Colitis on a daily basis for over 2 years. Traditional medical doctors offered me solutions that seemed as futile as the ulcerative colitis itself. I had committed to a nutrition plan devoid of all forms of sugar except fruits and all forms of flour of any kind. That combined with Dr. Piro's kind and gentle yet effective treatment changed my life. Dr. Piro consistently takes the time needed to understand how my body is healing. The miracle is that within the first 3 months all the painful symptoms I had experienced for 2 years were healed! I am now living free and healthy. Thank you Dr. Piro for being so awesome!

Allen Peters
I had used Chiropractic care on and off for 30 years, although it seemed the adjustments never lasted long enough. Then at age 49, my hip started aching like it was about to break, and I was hobbling around like I was crippled. When my primary physician proscribed NSAID'S (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and recommended taking very hot baths. I felt I had better look for a chiropractor. After I began to see Dr. Piro, I was surprised that the adjustments were effective beyond anything I had experienced in the past. I could actually see improvements in my posture. My back appeared more symmetrical than ever, and my hip pain became a memory. I had developed a small amount of skepticism of Chiropractic to go along with my huge skepticism of traditional American-style medical practice. But now I am feeling much better, looking better, sleeping better, breathing better and going forward with more hope than before I met D. Piro. My cynicism has turned into optimism, and I finally found a chiropractor who was using a system that produces tangible results.

Olga Quiroz
My son was being treated by a neurologist for partial temporal lobe seizures, ADD, nervous & uncontrolled, tie back in 2004. We were spending time month after month doing EEG's, blood work and trying different medications like Statera, Adderall, etc. Cristian would have to miss scholl because of the EEG's (Sleepy and being up till late.) Cristian's medicine started wearing out and we would have to put him on a different medication. His grades started dropping and his personality changed all together. He was frustrated going through paranoid periods and being very verbally abusive. The doctor would increase his does or change his medications. I decided to bring him to see Dr. Piro in July of 2005 and today he is a totally different kid. His academic grades improved tremendously, his attitude and personality changed back to the young kid I've always known. He is more active and eating the right foods. I would never think of changing doctors - Dr. Piro has helped him tremendously and I am so grateful for all she has done. I am hoping to get our entire family under natural medicine. Going Natural makes a difference in life!!

Sonya Jones
I began seeing Janice in January of 2005. I had a slight neck injury which was easily corrected. I also decided that I would tell Janice about some minor symptoms I had been experiencing. I was sweating a lot and getting headaches. After testing me, Janice put me on a regimen of natural medicines. I soon began feeling better and was deemed a health graduate a year later. Janice is wonderful because she helps you to see a new way of life. My family and I eat better now and take much better care of ourselves. Thank you Dr. Piro and of course her wonderful staff. You are the best!

Marie Waite
I've been ill for over 20 years. Every doctor told me I'm very sensitive; they found it very hard to treat me. I spent many years being so weak and feeling so ill. Then I saw Dr. Piro's sign on U.S. Highway 19 and decided to make an appointment. In just months I feel so much better - I still have a ways to go. I have prayed all these years and I believe Dr. Piro is the answer to my prayers. My husband is so happy to see me doing so well

Gary E. Wiese
I was having trouble with headaches, pain in my feet and legs and sleeplessness. This condition got to the point that I was very nervous and fidgety. After Dr. Piro did my meridian test and found out what my body needed and put me on the correct minerals and such, it was not long before the pain in my feet and head went away. I started sleeping better and my life got back to normal. I started coming in December 1999 and by May 2000 I was well on my way to being an active healthy young man. I had gone to three different doctors in the regular medical profession and they just guessed at what might be the problem, I was given medicine for ailments from depression to seizures, which did nothing to alleviate my symptoms.I am truly very blessed to have had my pastor's wife suggest to my mother that I come to Dr. Piro's clinic to see if they could help me. Many prayers were answered when my condition began to improve.

Chris Brier
My son had been having headaches for two years, which he never communicated to anyone. When we found out, we immediately put him on a chiropractic program, thinking the cause was from a bike accident. After six months, he still felt no relief, so we consulted Dr. Piro. Within a month, his headaches cleared up. He has had no recurring symptoms. It turned out that his problem was from toxins, not an anatomical source. As many of us are parents, we all know how important our children's health and happiness are. Dr. Piro's understanding of the human body and illness is astounding. Her ability to find the source of the illness and her treatment techniques are a true blessing.

Florence Bellhorn
"You sound so different!" "You look terrific!" "You look 20 years younger!" "You have life back in your eyes!" "You have your color back!" "There's something different about you!" These are all comments made over the phone or in person three days or three months to the date I started treatment with Dr. Piro. I have been in her care since right after two heart catheterizations in a three-week period. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Piro, and for her competence in diagnosing me with a variety of ailments that I knew in my gut were wrong with me (and some I didn't) that medical doctors scoffed at. Thanks to the treatment Dr. Piro has me in, I now have regained that sparkle in my eye, bounce in my step, highly energetic, confident, slim person I once was. I even find myself singing on my daily walks. A few days ago I even ran. Last January I could hardly walk!

Lars Letonoff
Two weeks ago today I had an accident while riding my Jet-Ski. The Jet-Ski went side ways, I went forward, and I ended up losing that battle with physics. The brief loss of control left me with a severely broken lower left leg (ouch). I had broken the tibia (the larger bone) at the ankle and broken the smaller bone (the fibula) just below the knee. The x-rays looked horrendous. The fibula break had about a 1/4 inch separation at the break. The Doctors told me that due to the severity of the breaks I could expect to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks, and surgery may be indicated as well. The orthopedic surgeon put a cast on the leg and instructed me to return in two weeks to determine if the surgery would be needed. For the past two weeks I have been under the care of Dr. Piro (my wife). She had me taking a specific protocol of natural supplements, minerals and homeopathic remedies. She also prescribed Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy and microcurrent therapy. I also had specific injury assists (based on research from L. Ron Hubbard) done to help me as well. Today was my two week visit with the Orthopedic surgeon. I had new x-rays done and the results were miraculous. There was no evidence of the fractures on the new films. The entire clinic was dumbfounded. They could not believe the rate of the healing. The Orthopedic surgeon told me it was completely healed. He ordered the assistant to remove my cast and he left shaking his head in disbelief. I am now in a walking boot and already putting weight on the leg. The Staff at the surgeon's office said it was a miracle. I thought: "Not a miracle, just the right thing done just right". Thanks a million! !!

Diana Allen
Have you ever been lost , and the further you went the more lost you became? That's how I have felt about my health care. I've had a doctor tell me he would listen only to two concerns per visit. My list was quite long. Some advised me to go to counseling because there was nothing wrong with me. Other's acknowledged problems with my blood work such as anemia, and thyroid problems but did not treat them. I've complained with earaches for two years solid and with three different doctors and nothing has been done. Oh, and the diets I've tried. You see I've gained 30 extra pounds on top of being overweight to begin with. Since I have found Dr. Piro I have been examined, blood work done, a food allergy test done and had bi-weekly treatments. Some of my main concerns were constipation, ear aches, swollen and sore glands in throat, headaches, bloating, stomach problems, sinus and being tired. My exam and blood work determined certain problems. Dr. Piro began treatment and put me on vitamins. It's been three weeks since my first treatment, my ears have been clear of pain for two weeks, the swelling in my throat is gone, the pressure in my face has cleared, I feel good and have lost 10 pounds. I have actually taken the dog for a walk twice this week. My food allergy test showed my allergy's were some of the most common foods in my diet, such as yeast (love that bread), cane sugar (that's why eating a donut would literally put me in bed), tomatoes, pears, eggs, cucumbers, peanuts. Can you imagine a doctor discovering this and after removing them from my diet that I am seeing and feeling results this fast. Let me tell you I'm still trying to believe it also but honestly I haven't felt this good in years. Do you think I mind giving up some foods. No way. I feel great!

Lylla Lemons RN, BSN, CCRN
After an Auto Accident in August 1988, I experienced neck and low back pain. The emergency room doctor ordered x-rays and a cervical collar. Since the x-rays showed no fractures, I was sent home to "rest a few days and take Tylenol for discomfort". The discomfort became pain, and a visit to the family physician led to medication for pain, muscle relaxants and moist heat 20 minutes every hour. As I continued this regime, for one year, my condition worsened. Pain was constant and my mobility almost nonexistent. I had seen Dr. Piro's ad in the paper. "Gentle Chiropractic" caught my eye, and her specific areas of study impressed me! Never before had I gone to a doctor of any kind without a personal recommendation. I mentioned this fact to Dr. Piro when we met. When I called for an appointment I was in severe pain and barely able to walk with help. Dr. Piro took me as an emergency that afternoon. There was a noticeable improvement after one week of micro-current and ice therapy. The ice packs reduced the inflammation in the sacroiliacs joints as I continued them at home on Dr. Piro's advice. Now I could turn in bed without pain -- something I was unable to do for almost a year. As treatment continued, I regained mobility and the pain diminished. Dr. Piro has treated me for a year now, the last several months of which I have been on maintenance care. Now I am relatively pain free. Also, I never miss an appointment and that is extremely important in the total care plan. August 1988 to August 1989 was the most stressful year of my life. All due to pain --unnecessary pain -- because I wasn't receiving "healing" therapy. Dr. Piro has my personal recommendation.

Jennifer Barello
This has been an adventure! How refreshing to come to a doctor who doesn't push pills but gives you things that are helpful and good for you. Dr. Piro has always been at the forefront of Alternative Medicine and I have complete trust in her capabilities. When I have a pain or problem, she's always the first person I call. My children always come here first before any other doctor. My migraines and hormonal problems are a thing of the past – a true miracle after living with them since I was thirty-one! No other medical doctors ever helped me, they just prescribed drugs (one pulled off the market because six people died using it), and wanted to do a hysterectomy! Yes, I haven't even mentioned the friendship I've acquired with Dr. Piro. She's the best and always makes sure her staff are the best and most caring!

Dottye Anderson
I started coming to the Piro Clinic because of severe gastrointestinal problems. I was in pain almost every night and had been misdiagnosed by a "specialist" in Pasco County as needing my gall bladder removed. I also was extremely overweight, had no energy, got chest pains, and generally felt like I was going to die before my time if it did not reverse what was going on. Dr. Piro found my problem to be a severe allergy to dairy products. When I started my program, I'd had surgery for skin cancer and had an open wound the size of a silver dollar. Three weeks later, the wound had completely healed, amazing my dermatologist. In five weeks I have lost 10 pounds and two dress sizes, and am completely cured of all digestive problems - no more nausea and pain. My eyesight is improving, and I am regaining strength in my hands. Bless you Dr. Piro and staff!

Debbie Bergeron
When I first came to Dr. Piro, I was suffering from stress-related pain in my back, shoulders and neck, severe tension and sinus headaches, allergies, exhaustion and fatigue. After six weeks of treatment, including chiropractic manipulation, meridian therapy, and various homeopathic and Chinese herbal remedies, my pain and headaches have disappeared, and I feel more healthy and energetic. I wish I had started with chiropractic years ago. Dr. Piro's treatment has definitely worked for me!

Amanda Letonoff
Almost six years ago my husband and I started trying to conceive a child. For one year we tried the normal way and when that didn't work we went to our family doctor and then to an infertility specialist. After four years of attempts through basal body temperature to invitro fertilization, we were thoroughly discouraged. The only thing we learned through all this was that I had endomeitriosis, which was possibly the reason why I wasn't getting pregnant. Dr. Piro, who happens to be my sister-in-law, kept telling us not to waste our money on anything else and to come see her. Even though we are related, I did not know Janice very well, as we have never even lived in the same state. From seeing Janice on holidays, I can tell you now, I thought she was a bonafide nut. I had witnessed her bouncing pills off of people's stomachs, zipping them up in plastic bags, plugging them into machines that made all kinds of strange noises and diagnosing serious illnesses by bending their arm backwards. The last thing I wanted was to be under her care. So we tried a different fertility specialist only to find the same awful results. At this point we were completely discouraged and had nowhere else to turn. I can to see Janice against my husband's wishes, as a last resort. I quit her program twice before I finally got serious because of all the weird side effects of detoxifying. I decided I would rather stay infertile that be bald and full of zits. I eventually got over my vanity and drug myself into her office. Three months later, I notice my periods were less painful and my PMS symptoms had virtually disappeared. Little aches and pains that I had learned to live with began to vanish. I was not bald and my skin was clear. My whole outlook changed and I began to believe in Dr. Piro with my whole heart and soul. After eleven months under Dr. Piro's care and six years of trying, I am finally pregnant and I am happier than I have ever been in my entire 34 years of life. Dr. Piro is at the top of my list of "favorite people" and all my friends now believe I am a bonafide nut, as I have adopted many of Janice's beliefs. I now know that natural medicine not only works, but that it is preferable to all other methods of treatment. My husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon and the original skeptic, has also come to believe in the amazing abilities of Dr. Janice Piro.

Isabel Boyd
I had a problem that went on for several years before I worked with Dr. Piro to handle it. I was spotting between periods. I had been to three different gynecologists who told me I had cervicitis [inflammation of the cervix] and put me on antibiotic creams with zero success. When I came to Dr. Piro, she tested me to see what my body needed and got me on a program that worked! Now, not only is my problem solved, but I feel great! My advice to anyone who is starting a program with Dr. Piro is to stick with it and it does work.

Andrew Sinclair
Imagine being 23 years old and trying to determine what will help you live until the end of the year. Luckily, I have friends who care enough to interject information when it is necessary. Dr. Piro was one of those interjections. When I came to Dr. Piro, I was not supposed to live past the end of the year. It has now been over 18 months and I feel great. I have lost 34 pounds, I feel unbelievable, in fact I have never felt better! I discuss my situation and treatment with everyone, hoping that others will be helped as I have. In essence, Dr. Piro has been a lifesaver. [NOTE: Andrew wrote this testimonial on November 20, 2001. He has maintained his good health since then with bi-yearly nutritional re-evaluations, and by continuing his maintenance prescriptions consisting of specific vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Katherine Klesmit Ed.S.
I came to your office in hope of finding a natural way of healing my body so I could take the upcoming year off and bike around the world. In preparation for the year I had trained vigorously and completed the Great Floridian, an Iron man length Triathlon in Clermont Florida. Just four weeks later I was constantly sick, with head congestion, neck and back pain a total lack of energy, that even after sleeping all weekend I could not get through the Monday without wondering when the day would end. I was exhausted all the time. Long story short, due to your wisdom, caring and natural medicines I became a healthy person and could take the year off to explore this wonderful world of ours. It is due to your knowledge, care and patience that my once in a lifetime dream came true.

Charles Schemnitzer
I came to Dr. Piro as a broken, crippled man both mentally and physically. I was in chronic pain for many years, and it had escalated to the point where it controlled my life. Western allopathic medicine offer me anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections and no hope. Dr. Prio offered a natural way for the body to help itself heal, compassion, and above all, hope for a better future. Dr. Piro's methods worked. She is a healer first and a doctor second. Dr. Piro is backed by a professional, friendly support staff which has always added to the healing experience. I will always remember Dr. Piro as an "angel of mercy." I was guided to her in a time of need. Thank you Dr. Piro.

Thanks again for taking care of my body. I am getting healthier and healthier as I age! This is just great. I've gotten my life back since I've been under your care.

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