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What are your hours?

Monday 9 - 2 pm
Tuesday 1 - 6 pm
Wednesday 9 - 2 pm
Thursday 1- 6 pm
CLOSED Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To whom do I speak if I have questions about my treatment program?

Dr. Piro's staff is very well-trained in the natural medicines and therapies. Often, any one of them can answer your questions. However, the Doctor's Assistant specializes in answering patients' questions regarding their care. If the staff member is unsure of an answer, she will write the question in your file for Dr. Piro to read upon completing patient visits that day. Dr. Piro will write the answer in your file and return it to the staff member who will communicate that answer to you promptly. Also, a patient always has a direct communication line to Dr. Piro's assistant through her email at doctorsassistant@piroclinic.com.

Can you help my condition?

This is one of the main reasons for the New Patient consultation. The doctor meets with the prospective patient to discuss their concerns and what they want out of their care. In turn, the doctor will explain what tests she needs to perform to fully diagnose the condition. Successful treatment is always based upon accurate diagnosis.  In holistic medicine, this does not only mean naming the disease (if there is a name for it). It means discovering the underlying aberrant physiology (ie. what went wrong to CAUSE the problem) and then prescribing quality natural medicines to help the body heal itself.  Generally, herbal and homeopathic medicines can help potentiate the bodies' healing abilities, while nutritional medicines aid in organ and tissues repair. Then, the use of natural body therapies aid in creating a cohesive, smooth healing process.

Are you a "real" doctor?

If this question is meant to find out if Dr. Piro is a medical doctor, the answer is no. However, if it is meant to find out if she is responsible, by state licensing, to diagnose disease just as a conventional medical doctor is, the answer is yes.


The difference is in the choice of treatment. Medical doctors use drugs and surgery, while Dr. Piro uses natural medicines (that are only available to licensed physicians), natural body treatments, and recommends dietary and lifestyle changes to free the body of illness. When a body is truly healthy, the person can have the freedom to use that body for whatever endeavors are chosen. This is what we mean by “creating the freedom of health”.

Are you a chiropractor?

Yes. Dr. Piro is a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic); however she has also attained a post-doctoral degree in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Internal Disorders. 

The D.A.B.C.I. letters after her name is the designation which stands for Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists. This is one of the specialty areas of study which is available to doctors of chiropractic after graduation through the post-graduate divisions of several chiropractic schools. Examples of other specialties are Orthopedics, Neurology, Nutrition, and Radiology. These are similar to the medical doctors’ specialties they may enter into after graduating medical school.

To earn this designation, Dr. Piro successfully completed 300 hours of post-graduate study, passing interim examinations throughout the course of study, and passed a nationally sanctioned Board examination. Although Dr. Piro does treat neck and back pain, as well as other musculosckeletal conditions with chiropractic and natural medicine, her specialty is in the diagnosis and treatment of internal disorders.

Will I have to take a lot of pills?

There is a great variety of what can be done to help certain conditions. Dr. Piro does take into account patients' likes and dislikes and gives each patient options when they are available. She knows that a treatment program is only as good as it can be followed. Also, she helps the patient understand why each natural medicine is prescribed. Synergy of natural medicines is considered when prescribing a program. This means that recommending certain natural medicines together with other natural medicines, can potentiate the action of each other so that less needs to be prescribed overall, either in dose or in numbers of different medicines.

How often will I need to see the doctor?

It takes about two visits after the initial consultation to complete the diagnostic work-up. However, some patients, especially those that come a long distance, schedule the entire work-up in one day. This can be accomplished with good coordination with the office staff. They will guide you as to what is needed to accomplish this.

The program of care then consists of interim visits to the doctor, either once per week or every other week, if possible. This allows Dr. Piro to follow the case and render physical treatments that help balance the nervous system, and handle anything that may be slowing progress. These visits also serve as times the doctor can educate the patient about the condition and what more can be done lifestyle-wise to help. Of course, patients that come from out of the state or country cannot visit the office this often. In these cases, Dr. Piro asks that the patient stays in good communication via email between retests.

Diagnostic retests are scheduled about every two months which consist of a limited portion of the original diagnostic testing. This objectively tracts improvement and enables Dr. Piro to re-evaluate the prescription of care for continued progress. Retests are scheduled at increasing intervals of time as the case improves to the point of only testing once or twice a year for maintenance.

What do I need to bring to an appointment?

At the initial consultation, bring any past records you have that are pertinent to the condition you are seeing the physician for. Also, the name and telephone numbers of any physician you have seen in the past is helpful. You may also bring in any supplement, herbal or homeopathic remedy, and/or medication you are currently taking. Once under care, you may bring in any food you want tested to find out if you are sensitive to it or not. We also ask that you print out the New Patient paper work from this website, fill it out and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment time.

Does my insurance cover it?

We do not accept assignment on insurance, therefore we are out of network. Our patients file for reimbursement from their insurance company.


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