New Patient Orientation

If you are interested in finding out more about what can be done for your problem specifically, call (727) 789-4020 and press option 2 to schedule a New Patient Consultation.

During this appointment, you can discuss with the doctor your concerns and the goals you have for your health. She will advise you on what can be done to help, and then outline the diagnostics that will be needed to get you started.

It is wise to bring any previous diagnostic test results that you have. She will make use of whatever applies adequately which may save you some expense.

Initial Questionnaires

  1. Application For Treatment: This is a basic, preliminary form that asks for the patient's name, address, contact numbers, etc. It also asks questions concerning the main problem(s) the patient wants handled.

  2. Systems Survey Form : This reviews the area(s) of greatest concern, as well as, all the systems of the body asking for any symptoms that are present. Any symptom that is remotely positive should be filled in, so "sometimes", "maybe", and "I think so" all apply. Also, write in any information you deem pertinent in the margin.

  3. Dietary Data: This is important as many times what is being eaten causes or contributes to the problem(s) at hand. Therefore, once the assessment is made, the doctor may recommend dietary changes which will either be imperative to the attainment of health or which will speed your progress to health.

  4. Family Health History: This will give the doctor an idea of possible genetic predispositions or familial health patterns.

Typically, diagnostic recommendations include the above questionnaires, an examination, a very complete blood test, and the Biological Terrain Analysis. Once these are complete, a Report of Findings is scheduled in which the doctor reviews the findings of these diagnostics.

If you would like to know if your own supplements will help, you must bring them to this appointment. Also, dietary changes may be recommended, as well as, any changes in activities of daily living.

Follow-up testing is always performed one to two months later. Progress must be tracked and the natural medicine prescription must be changed accordingly. The body should not need the same prescription as it did originally, as the case should have improved to some degree.

It is important to realize that even if the symptoms are not completely gone; the body does not necessarily need the same combination of natural medicines. In fact, most times, within two months, the case has moved to where different natural medicines are needed to further improve the condition(s).

Remember, we are often dealing with conditions that have taken years to develop and have layers of dysfunctions supporting a symptom. This is especially true if over-the-counter or prescription drugs have been taken to address any current or past conditions. The more taken, the complicated the case often is.

We look forward to helping you become healthier.

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