A Philosophy of Natural Healing

I am often asked why it is that I can work with so many varied diseases in these days of "specialties". It is actually quite simple. My job as a holistic, natural physician is to bring the body back to its normal and ideal physiological state. In order to do so, the present condition of the body must be assessed. Blood tests, physical examination including EKG and lung function tests, and sometimes X-Rays are the basic tools I use in my clinic to gather this data.

Once this information is evaluated and correlated, other tests may be prescribed such as allergy tests, hair analysis, stool analysis. Biological Terrain Analysis and Doppler blood flow tests, to name the few. These specialized tests are only used when the basic information indicates their need.

As a holistic physician, my philosophy is that the body can heal itself when given the proper tools and when any interference is taken away. Only when the body is inhibited in its healing efforts does disease pursue.

It is interesting to know that symptoms do not always equal disease. In fact, symptoms very often are a sign that the body is healing. So to treat a body to simply stop a symptom is not always truly helpful. What is always helpful is to enhance the body's own healing powers which is simply to improve normal, basic physiology. This can only be done with things that are natural to the body.

Prescription of Natural Therapies

The expertise comes in the initial assessment and then the prescription of natural therapies according to what the body can handle. Too much of a good thing can sometimes backfire! Each case must be evaluated for its ability to utilize the therapies for healing. Then progress must be tracked with re-testing so the therapies can be fine-tuned and continue to be appropriate. As the body heals, its needs change.

This re-testing is imperative because successful actions could otherwise be abandoned too soon when symptoms do not abate as easily as we would like. I have treated patients with serious illnesses such as cancer and lupus to annoying discomforts such as headaches and diaper rash. We may not understand all disease processes. What we do understand is how a healthy body functions and how to return the body to this natural state.

Janice M. Piro, DC, DABCI

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