No More PMS

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Believe it or not, you don't have to live with PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). And you don't have to be dependent on over-the-counter or prescription drugs that give temporary relief.

There is a very important reflex that, if interfered with, may cause PMS as well as other common problems such as ulcers, heart palpitations, digestive disturbances and allergies, to name a few. This reflex is called the somatovisceral reflex, "somato" meaning muscles, bones and nerves and "visceral" meaning internal organs, such as the uterus, liver, heart, colon, lungs, etc.

The nerves carry electrical impulses from the brain to all the internal organs. The free and full flow of these electrical impulses is imperative for complete organ function. Any interference of nerve flow will decrease the organ's ability to perform its duties.

In the case of PMS, the uterus may have a decreased ability to contract in order to rid itself of the uterine lining, causing cramping, a common monthly discomfort for many women. Also, the liver may have a decreased ability to break down the high influx of hormones in a woman's cycle, causing her to feel fatigued and irritable.

Structural Imbalance

Nerve interference is an extremely common occurrence caused by structural imbalance. It is found most frequently at the spinal column where the nerves exit the spinal cord between each vertebrae (the small, odd-shaped bones that make up the spinal column). Most people do not know they have nerve interference, but they do know they have PMS, frequent constipation, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue or other such ailments.

Chiropractic care removes the nerve interference so the internal organs can get full flow of nerve energy generated from the brain and hence, function as completely as a healthy organ can.

A while ago, I received a letter from a patient saying that her husband was so happy to "have my 'Old Sue' back again..." So if you or anyone you know has a chronic problem with no medical solution other than drugs to mask the symptom, it may be that there is somatovisceral reflex interference and should be checked by a chiropractor.

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