Injuries That Don't Heal

A sprained ankle that continues to be weak or a whiplashed neck that remains tight, sore or "catches" are signs of incomplete healing.

Three main factors dictate the amount of healing that will occur after an accident:

  1. how quickly the injury was attended to,
  2. what treatment was rendered, and
  3. individual healing capabilities.

Immediate treatment by a qualified physician covers numbers 1 and 2, but number 3 is too often considered to be unchangeable.

Unfortunately, it is not often part of the treatment to attempt to speed up the individual's healing rate or enhance the body's capability to heal more completely, even though this can reduce residual problems from the injury. An assessment of the patient's individual biochemistry needs to be made because there are certain organ functions that contribute to healing. These are the liver, the pancreas, the thyroid, the adrenals and the immune system to name a few.

Organs function within a wide range of "normal," but optimal function is a narrow range within "normal." Optimal organ function dictates the individual's rate and amount of healing capability. The body has a great ability to compensate for weaknesses, which will show up when under stress from injuries. Thus, stressed organs that are not functioning optimally can be found and possibly helped to increase their function.

So be optimistic. This post accident body assessment can increase healing capabilities, while identifying weaknesses which can be fixed before they turn into real illnesses.

Client Success

Two weeks ago today I had an accident while riding my Jet-Ski. The Jet-Ski went side ways, I went forward, and I ended up losing that battle with physics. The brief loss of control left me with a severely broken lower left leg (ouch). I had broken the tibia (the larger bone) at the ankle and broken the smaller bone (the fibula) just below the knee. The x-rays looked horrendous. The fibula break had about a 1/4 inch separation at the break. The Doctors told me that due to the severity of the breaks I could expect to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks, and surgery may be indicated as well. The orthopedic surgeon put a cast on the leg and instructed me to return in two weeks to determine if the surgery would be needed. For the past two weeks I have been under the care of Dr. Piro (my wife). She had me taking a specific protocol of natural supplements, minerals and homeopathic remedies. She also prescribed Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy and microcurrent therapy. I also had specific injury assists (based on research from L. Ron Hubbard) done to help me as well. Today was my two week visit with the Orthopedic surgeon. I had new x-rays done and the results were miraculous. There was no evidence of the fractures on the new films. The entire clinic was dumbfounded. They could not believe the rate of the healing. The Orthopedic surgeon told me it was completely healed. He ordered the assistant to remove my cast and he left shaking his head in disbelief. I am now in a walking boot and already putting weight on the leg. The Staff at the surgeon's office said it was a miracle. I thought: "Not a miracle, just the right thing done just right". Thanks a million!!!


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