A 21st Century Dysfunction. Infertility is becoming more commonplace than ever before. Is this simply because more women are now waiting until their 30's and 40's to have children? Or is it due to the onslaught of environmental poisons with which our bodies must now contend?

Scientists are finding more and more environmental poisons that mimic hormones, but of course, do not do the job of hormones. These "psuedo-hormones" lodge in cell receptor sites, which are the receiving points on cells for hormones.

Hormones must connect with the cells at these specific spots in order to activate the cell to do whatever it is the hormone tells the cell to do. When those sites are taken up by environmental poisons, the hormones have no place to lock onto the cell to get the job done. This creates a so-called "hormone imbalance."

Another common cause of infertility and hormone imbalance is an over worked liver. One of the liver's 300 jobs is to breakdown old used hormone molecules, throw away the un-reusable parts and keep the reusable parts. The liver then resynthesizes new hormone molecules. (Our bodies do recycle!) When the liver is too overloaded with the work of cleaning up environmental poisons, this job often gets put aside.

The good news is that these problems can often be solved with natural medicines and dietary/lifestyle changes.

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Client Success

Almost six years ago my husband and I started trying to conceive a child. For one year we tried the normal way and when that didn't work we went to our family doctor and then to an infertility specialist. After four years of attempts through basal body temperature to invitro fertilization, we were thoroughly discouraged. The only thing we learned through all this was that I had endomeitriosis, which was possibly the reason why I wasn't getting pregnant.

Dr. Piro, who happens to be my sister-in-law, kept telling us not to waste our money on anything else and to come see her. Even though we are related, I did not know Janice very well, as we have never even lived in the same state. From seeing Janice on holidays, I can tell you now, I thought she was a bonafide nut. I had witnessed her bouncing pills off of people's stomachs, zipping them up in plastic bags, plugging them into machines that made all kinds of strange noises and diagnosing serious illnesses by bending their arm backwards. The last thing I wanted was to be under her care.

So we tried a different fertility specialist only to find the same awful results. At this point we were completely discouraged and had nowhere else to turn. I can to see Janice against my husband's wishes, as a last resort. I quit her program twice before I finally got serious because of all the weird side effects of detoxifying. I decided I would rather stay infertile that be bald and full of zits.

I eventually got over my vanity and drug myself into her office. Three months later, I notice my periods were less painful and my PMS symptoms had virtually disappeared. Little aches and pains that I had learned to live with began to vanish. I was not bald and my skin was clear. My whole outlook changed and I began to believe in Dr. Piro with my whole heart and soul.

After eleven months under Dr. Piro's care and six years of trying, I am finally pregnant and I am happier than I have ever been in my entire 34 years of life. Dr. Piro is at the top of my list of "favorite people" and all my friends now believe I am a bonafide nut, as I have adopted many of Janice's beliefs. I now know that natural medicine not only works, but that it is preferable to all other methods of treatment. My husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon and the original skeptic, has also come to believe in the amazing abilities of Dr. Janice Piro.

- AL

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