Diabetes And Hypoglycemia

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As with many degenerative diseases, diabetes is on the rise. Other than the Type I juvenile onset condition, diabetes is caused by years of poor dietary habits. The organ affected is the pancreas, which sits just below the rib cage to the left of the abdomen. It is responsible for producing enzymes to digest foods and insulin to assimilate sugars.

Overeating sweets and/or starches stimulates the pancreas to keep over-producing insulin. Eventually, it "burns out" and insulin production decreases dramatically. If diagnosis is made early and the diet is changed to exclude sweets and starches, often the pancreas can rejuvenate on its own, especially with the help of certain nutrients. If the pancreas is genetically weak and/or diet is not significantly changed, insulin injections may be necessary. It is very important to get this condition corrected as soon as possible due to the disease's complications such as impotence, blindness and gangrene.

Too Much Sugar in The Blood

Diabetes or hyperglycemia (too much sugar in the blood) and hypoglycemia (not enough sugar in the blood) are both sugar handling pancreatic dysfunctions. People with hypoglycemia, often a precursor to diabetes, may feel shaky or dizzy if they go without food for only a few hours. They often crave sugar, but eating sweets handles their symptoms, while pushing them further toward the diabetic condition. The answer is to help the pancreas rejuvenate while transitioning to a healthy diet.

A healthcare practitioner specializing in natural holistic medicine can conduct the proper tests to evaluate the status of the pancreas and make recommendations for the appropriate nutrients and dietary changes. Controlling diabetes with medicine does not help rejuvenate the pancreas and can do quite the opposite without alleviating diabetic complications.

If you have diabetes or hypoglycemia, the sooner you get real help for your pancreas, the better! Give us a call today at (727) 789-4020.

Client Success
In May 2002, I was 260 plus pounds, diabetic, hypertensive, anemic and felt lousy in general. In early 2000 I had been diagnosed as diabetic, my medical doctor at the time was trying to control it with diet and exercise. I dieted faithfully and exercised diligently, but believe it or not I didn’t lose “1” pound and my diabetes numbers were still high. When I came to Dr. Piro I was discouraged, frustrated and desperate to handle my health issues.

Dr. Piro jumped right in and put me on a program to handle my organs and body functions – the cause of all my problems (Did I mention I had hypothyroidism as well?). Now a year later I have lost 45 lbs since January 2003, my diabetes numbers are .4 points from being normal, I am no longer anemic and my hypertension is well under control. I had heard great things about her before I came, but what can I say – I owe Dr. Piro for a new and enhanced quality of life that has been recovered for me. Thank you more than I can say... You are my guru!!

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