Enhancing Resistance To Cancer

With billions of dollars being spent each year on cancer treatments and research, it is horrifying to realize that the incidence of cancer is on the rise. Along with whatever conventional treatment is chosen, there is much that can be done to strengthen the body's natural resistance forces to cancer. The system most responsible for this is the immune system.

Drs. Burnett and Thomas of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, as early as 1973 reported that "In addition to protecting the body from invaders, the immune system has the duty to police cell growth and prevent the survival or replication of abnormal or 'outlaw' cells. When the defense mechanism is weakened, it fails to do away with the errant cells, either because it cannot recognize them or because it is incapable of attacking them."

Strengthening The Immune System

The therapy used to strengthen the immune system is multi-faceted. It includes eliminating environmental poisons, correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, addressing functional digestive problems, utilizing a non-toxic and immune stimulating diet, reinforcing the immune system through the use of nutrients and spinal adjustments, prescribing animal and vegetable enzymes to de-shield and destroy cancer cells, employing methods to detoxify the body from cancer cell poisons and finally, emphasizing a positive mental altitude toward overcoming the cancer.

Each patient's general constitution is different, so each must be fully assessed before the specifics of any therapy are prescribed. These scientifically proven therapies can be used for either prevention or treatment. If applied properly with follow-up assessments to mark progress, the patient has a far better chance of beating the cancer than by using conventional treatment alone.

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