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Parents of children with asthma are very familiar with the horrible and sudden onset of difficulty in breathing followed by the characteristic wheezing. It is a very scary thing to witness in a young child and consequently, often sends parents running for drugs such as antihistamines, bronchodilators or steroids.

Two Factors of Asthma

There are two factors of asthma. One is the chronic inflammation of the trachea and bronchi; the other is the spasm of the muscles lining the trachea and bronchi. It is widely thought that asthma is caused by an allergic reaction. But, in fact, asthma can be caused in two ways: One is sometimes by an allergic reaction, but the second, which is always present, is an upset in the balance of the automonic nervous system (that part of the nervous system that functions automatically to control the "on" and "off" switches of organs). This imbalance can be caused by pressure on the nerves in the neck and mid-to- upper-back, as well as a body that is too high in acid. Metabolic acidosis (a condition whereby the body burns foods that are more acidic than alkaline) causes constriction in the muscles that line the trachea and bronchi.

The proper treatment for asthmatics is to: (1) find out what is constantly irritating the trachea and bronchi and eliminate it, (2) get the pressure off the nerves with chiropractic adjustments and (3) change the body from acidic to alkaline with the help of nutrient therapy and dietary changes.

Almost all asthma patients respond positively when fully treated in this manner.

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