Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity in Children

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Children express themselves differently than adults, especially when in discomfort. For example, if an adult falls down and scrapes a knee, we wouldn't expect that adult to start crying uncontrollably and calling out to mother.

Likewise, when a child feels anxious, nervous, jittery, fatigued, "foggy-headed" or achy-all-over, he/she has not developed the self-control to subdue the acting out of these symptoms. The child may become hyperactive in an effort to expend that nervous energy, or stare out the window because they are feeling too tired to concentrate on anything.

The cause of these symptoms in adults or children very often is a buildup of toxicities in the body which can interfere with the flow of chemical reactions needed to keep the body vital and healthy. The culprits are frequently sugar and food additives, as well as undetected food allergies.

Some people are genetically more sensitive to food additives and chemicals than others. Food allergies can be either genetic or developed.

The answer is to clean up the diet by ridding it of all sugars, food additives, food colorings and preservatives and to find out what foods the child is allergic to. Then, give the child the appropriate nutrients his/her body specifically needs to bring it back to full and vital health.

Treating in this manner has saved many children from drug therapy and has restored peace in the home and in the child.

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