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I was diagnosed with diabetes in '01 and it got progressively worse. The neuropathy pain in my feet got to the point that I didn't want to do anything that required me to stand on my feet for any length of time. Shopping at the mall was no longer fun. I was on 7 different medications from complications from diabetes. I had a heart stent implanted in '05 and the pain with my feet just continued to get worse despite trying many different medication that would "supposedly" help my condition. I was tired all the time and unable to maintain focus on my business which naturally as a result was going nowhere fast.

I knew that I needed to do something different in regards to my medical care but literally did not know where to turn for help. And then fate took a hand. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I had to be hospitalized for a few days to remove a kidney stone that was blocking one of my kidneys. Once home I developed very painful swelling of my feet and especially the second toe next to the big toe on my right foot. It was very red and twice the normal size of the other toes. I shuttled to appointments with my kidney specialist who was mystified about what to do with my case. When she said "I'll see you in 4 weeks," (!) I knew I had to try someone else. I next went to a Podiatrist and knew after my initial appointment that he was not the answer as he wanted to remove the nail and drain the "poison" out of my toe. Wrong! I knew better as when my feet were hurting me really bad at night, I would do leg lifts in bed and the pain would be lessened.

As you can imagine by this time I was at my wit's end. I literally prayed to God, saying that I couldn't live like this and that I needed to find a doctor in my area that could treat all my symptoms and not just one. I knew that I needed a doctor that would do a really complete blood test workup on me and whatever else was needed. And then I happened to pick up a 2 year old copy of Wellness magazine and in there I found Dr. Piro's advertisement about her clinic. I checked out her web site and decided that this might be my answer.

WOW! Was it ever the answer. Finally I had someone that did a full blood workup as well as other testing and was able to show me through the blood test results why I was feeling so poorly. And then she started me on a supplement strategy as well as office visits for adjustments that in no time at all (less than 2 months), had me feeling 1000% better than I had in year!! The swelling in my feet went away and the abnormal toe is normal again. I am down to just 2 meds and I feel so much more confident on my feet and can go shopping for hours on end and not feel bad at all. There have been so many improvements in my life that I honestly do not have the space to mention them all. Mind you I have to do my part in monitoring my diet and get plenty of exercise but it literally brings tears to my eyes to think of the transformation of the health of my body that I am now enjoying due to Dr. Piro.


Jesse K.


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